Have you been wondering why your eBay store is not generating sales while others are making a fortune? Well, you are not alone! Many entrepreneurs are joining eBay dropshipping business, seeing how profitable it can be. But not all can climb up to the top. If you are deep into the dropshipping business, you already know that setting up a store and listing some products doesn’t do the job.

So, if you’re thinking, “how do I increase my eBay dropshipping sales?” then you’ve come to the right place. This article will guide you through some tips and tricks you can follow to beat the competition and stand a profitable dropshipping business.

Is eBay Dropshipping Profitable?

There is no simple answer to that question. The dropshipping business model, in general, is a low-risk and cost-effective option for online sellers. World eCommerce expects to see a growth of 23.5% in transaction value in 2021, and a considerable amount of it is through dropshipping. For the past 10 years, eBay has played its part in the 7% yearly average increase in dropshipping.

Is eBay Dropshipping Profitable

Arguably the best thing about dropshipping is that you don’t have to worry about storage and shipping costs. So, there are no additional costs involved other than eBay fees, which are minimal compared to other marketplaces. This helps you reduce the product pricing and run a lucrative dropshipping on eBay.

But the recent dropshipping policies have restricted transactions only with a wholesale supplier, and many see this as a significant obstacle. Does this affect your business? Is eBay dropshipping less profitable now?

The answer is no. In fact, restricting the business to wholesale dropshipping has created more sustainable opportunities for actual eBay sellers. For example, now sellers can advertise their products more freely as eBay strictly monitors any deviation of its policy.

How Do I Increase My eBay Dropshipping Sales?

Increasing sales on your eBay dropshipping shop will take time, prowess, and much patience. Here are some tips you can follow to run a seamless dropshipping business on eBay and ensure profit.

How Do I Increase My eBay Dropshipping Sales

Product Research is the Key

If you have a drop shipping selling account on eBay, the first and foremost activity is to research products from other marketplaces. If your products don’t have much demand and possess a poor customer base, you will likely generate less to no drop shipping sales. Researching competitors’ product listing, finding out products with decent demand, and less competition is a vital part of the process. Keep in mind, a product with high demand has higher competition unlikely to be fruitful in the long run. So, list items with decent demand and moderate competition to attract potential customers, eventually increasing your conversion rate.

List MORE Products

We all like to buy things from a shop that offers a wide variety of similar products as well as diversified products. After researching the market, you should list various products with decent demands and see which generates more money. There is no grave risk of losing money as you do not stock these products or manage the inventory. Also, you can sell various complimentary products along with the core product, a strategy known as product upselling. For example, if the niche product is a soccer ball, you can list gloves and boots in your store.

And don’t forget to checkmark the descriptor boxes like size, color, style, etc., while listing products.

Marketing Equals to Customer Outreach

No business can flourish if it doesn’t make a mark on a customer’s mind and marketing is a great way to do that. Marketing can perform wonders in terms of increasing drop shipping sales. It will help you grow customer loyalty and create an organic customer base which in terms increase sales.

Good marketing for your eBay store includes-

Another way is customer satisfaction. For instance, if any customer is happy with the shipping and quality of the product, they may recommend others to buy the products from you.

Use Eye-Catchy Pictures

A product image is probably the first thing that catches a customer’s eye. If you use the same image your competitors are using, then why should buyers pay extra attention? You can add up to 12 pictures per eBay listing, so it’s best if you use this opportunity to get more views on eBay.

Choose the Perfect Product Title and Description

The title helps your products stand out in a densely populated eBay algorithm. However, you can only write up to 80 characters on the eBay product title. We recommend using all 80 characters, adding popular keywords, and avoiding punctuation and prepositions while writing an SEO-friendly title.

Furthermore, writing an informative and engaging product description can convince buyers to purchase and trust the seller.

Promotional Offers Goes a Long Way

Offering attractive offers can make you the talk of the town. Promotional offers can increase drop shipping sales. Providing attractive offers like buy 2 get 1, discounts, lifestyle discounts (offering discounts to people based on their profession), cashback promotion, coupons, etc., will eventually lead to healthy publicity of the seller and his product catalogs. As a result, active buyers will be interested in checking out your offerings, increasing drop shipping sales.

Offer FREE and Fast Shipping

People love free stuff. And the instant gratification of having your desired products without extra shipping creates a positive mindset among customers. Good customer service is essential in any online business. Besides, providing a free shipping policy as the default will help you rank higher on eBay’s search engine. Even if you can not offer free shipping, contact your eBay dropshipping suppliers to deliver the products within days.

Encourage Customers to Leave a Review

Since there are thousands of dropship sellers on eBay, the majority of the customers now rely on reviews and ratings from other buyers. In fact, around 90% of consumers read online reviews before purchasing a product. So next time, ask your customers to leave a review (hopefully good ones) based on their shopping experience.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Surely all these tasks can be repetitive and take time and expertise. In that case, you should consider eBay dropshipping automation services. Automation is a legal process run by experts. They are already familiar with the platform and all the different tools and techniques to increase your dropshipping sales.

Final Verdict

The tips we discussed more or less sum up what you can do to increase sales in your eBay store. However, dropshipping on eBay is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time, effort, and an excellent understanding of how the business works to increase sales and inflate the profit margin. Indeed a large marketplace like eBay poses its benefits, but high competition and a loosely connected customer base can act as a barrier. And that is why dropshipping can be the best choice for you as there’s more room for mistakes as well as the opportunity to make big profits.

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