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Allow us to assist you in growing your Facebook marketplace dropshipping automation business! With results in as little as two weeks! This method of business is highly effective and is the new way of doing business.
Take a break from the stress of operating your business and enjoy the earnings! Let us handle everything! We are pros at facebook marketplace dropshipping automation services!

What is Facebook Marketplace automation?

Facebook marketplace dropshipping automation services allow you to save numerous hours on your business by using an automation partner. This means that you don’t have to worry about monitoring your stocks products, price monitoring or doing any of those repetitive tasks that get so boring!

Facebook marketplace allows you to reach a global audience with your products, you don’t even need a website just a Facebook account! You can use it as an additional way to sell your products or the primary location you sell on. It is so easy to make a profit when you know the right tricks!

This is a hot trend at the minute, but it is so much more than that! You can transform your business and make money whilst saving time! You can upload images of your stock and marketplace will monitor your price and stock changes. It is a competitive market because so many people use Facebook, but we can help you with that!

Facebook allows pretty much anyone to sell anything! There are some restrictions on what you can sell but for the most part, whatever you want to sell you can!

Is dropshipping allowed on Facebook marketplace

Not many Facebook users are aware that dropshipping is allowed on Facebook marketplace. Marketplace is used by thousands of people everyday and a lot of what is being sold is junk from houses that people want to get a bit of cash for. Other people use the popularity of this platform to their advantage and do dropshipping.

Marketplace has been around for a while now, but it is only recently that people have been using it as a platform to expand a dropshipping business. It is completely allowed but there are rules that you need to read that limits what you can sell on Facebook marketplace. We can tell you if your product is acceptable to sell on Facebook or not.

Here are some products that you can’t sell on Facebook marketplace:

Services: Selling services like house cleaning is not allowed on marketplace. For this you need to make a page on Facebook that users go to.
Animals: Unfortunately, if you are wanting to sell live animals then you can’t do this on Amazon marketplace. You can’t even post about animals for adoption so it’s a big no if you are wanting to sell animals.
Healthcare: Something that is healthcare related can’t be sold. This is to do with the safety of Facebook users. So anything related to weight loss, dental care, or medicines need to stay off Marketplace. These products can be sold on places like Amazon though!
A product that doesn’t match the description: For obvious reasons the photo you put up on marketplace needs to reflect what you are selling accurately. The description of the product needs to be the same as the photo so that customers aren’t confused.

There are still plenty of items that you can sell, and we would love to help you with this!

Our service features

Finding the right store

To get started, you’ll need to create a virtual store on a platform like Amazon marketplace, you can also use Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. There are lots of retailers out their that allow you to do dropshipping. Using facebook marketplace for dropshipping can be highly successful, although there are many rules in place you can make a rolling profit in just a few simple steps!
Even if the products you want to sell are not allowed on Facebook Marketplace, We can help you pick the right store! Just drop us a message!

Select and listing the products

There are so many changes in Facebook marketplace dropshipping automation that might be difficult to stay up to date with. You must have a thorough grasp of the niche that you are pitching and picking the items that must be placed for sale necessitates a thorough market study.
You need a professional with years of expertise who knows which items will work best for you! We know what products work well and what should stay off Facebook marketplace so let us help you!

24/7 Customer service

Any client complaint or question should be answered as fast and effectively as feasible. You must also be able to give excellent advise when it comes to exchanges or refunds, which might be difficult at times. Facebook marketplace is full of users who want to reach out on messenger, and we can help you with this!
Why not enlist the assistance of a customer support representative to relieve some of your stress? We can do it so that you don’t have to!

Follow up with vendors or suppliers

After a period of having your Facebook marketplace dropshipping automation business, you should have a good number of consumers. This is incredible, but the next steps are crucial! You want to deliver the finest customer service experience possible so that your present customers stay with you and that you can recruit more! To improve the amount of pleased consumers, ensure that your vendor or suppliers are reliable and capable of meeting product demand.

How our Facebook marketplace dropshipping
store setup and work

Product research & inventory management

Products are subjected to extensive investigation; you must be aware of the newest trend as well as what is on its way out. This is where we can help! We keep all of our information safe and secure with our structured and remarkable inventory management so that you can receive the finest potential result! Facebook marketplace is full of competition, with our product research we can find you a gap in the market so that you are earning profit like never before!

24/7 Customer support, feedback & returns

Customer support is important to us. Aside from providing comments and answering questions, our staff offers high-quality consulting services. We are thoroughly qualified and know how to deal with all of the complex and challenging clients that every firm confronts. Facebook marketplace dropshipping automation services need to have great customer support if you want a reliable customer base which is why we supply this for you!

VenA has a team of specialists working to ensure the success of your shop

Dealing with money isn’t easy for everyone. We have a great team who have been specifically trained in handling money. Any money that you give us is stored safely and can only be accessed by a few trained professionals. There is always money needing to be dealt with when using Facebook marketplace dropshipping automation service which is why we have a dedicated team looking after it all! Your money is in the best hands!

Clients will have full control over their store

We provide you entire control over your Facebook marketplace dropshipping automation store, allowing you to measure and advance improvements yourself. We are always around to assist you and make changes where we feel necessary, but the store is yours. We work for you; we don’t own anything. We are just here to do the things that you can’t do! You can take the reins whenever you want.

Why choose our company



Your Facebook marketplace dropshipping automation business is important to us too! We look after it as if it were our own and hope to see it blossom into something lovely. This is why we make certain that we provide a dependable service that prioritizes your demands! If you ever have a question or a problem, we are here to help! We’re doing everything we can to make your experience as easy and successful as possible!



What’s the use of putting in so much effort into a Facebook marketplace dropshipping automation service if it’s not going to be efficient? Exactly! It’s pointless! We pride ourselves with knowing that the methods we employ into our business are efficient and highly effective! We don’t waste time with a method that doesn’t work. What would the point be in that? We want to see you be successful so we can guarantee that we will put in the work that is needed!


Years of expertise

Starting a Facebook marketplace dropshipping automation business is a stressful period since there are so many things you won’t consider about and then find yourself surprised and stranded when they arrive. Fortunately, we have years of expertise in this area! We are aware of every possible pitfall and ensure that you climb beyond it! You can’t go wrong with our experience and your company! You need an experienced team behind you so don’t waste time, get in touch with us today.

Partnership benefits

Selling with us is not only straightforward, but also a very effective way to earn high returns on your investment. Hire us today!


Hands-free passive income

You don’t have to do anything with a drop shipping model, so you may make money without putting in any effort. It’s a win-win situation!


Fully transparent & ethically sound

We manage a business that is based on solid principles and has strong moral leadership. Transparency is essential to the success of any company.


Stress-free onboarding

We take you through every step of the application process. From an onboarding meeting to discuss business setup and creation through a customized guided application call, we’ve got you covered.


No white-labelled services

When you choose creative ecommerce, you will be working directly with us and our staff. We will be there for you every step of the way! We don’t outsource any of our work, so you get exactly what you see!

Happy Customers

Ross Fyolk
Marketing Manager

“Running my business has never been so easy! Getting in touch about Facebook marketplace dropshipping automation services was so straightforward and easy, I got reply within the hour! They promised me to make my business successful and that is exactly what they did!”

Paul Warhurst
Chief Executive Officer

“My experience with Facebook marketplace dropshipping automation services has been nothing but amazing. The team were so reliable, I was never hanging around waiting for an update or a response to my message!”

Chloe Burkingshire

“An amazing team who I will continue to work with! Everyone has been so understanding of my situation and have helped me every single step of the way! They helped me to transform my dream into reality! I am so grateful!”

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