Domestic Tax Exemption

Domestic Tax Exemption

We are proud to offer domestic tax exemption as a service regardless of whether you are an existing e-commerce client of ours.

As an online seller, becoming domestically tax exempt is a must. When you are tax exempt, you avoid paying sales tax on inventory purchases related to your business. You will not be charged sales tax saving you money and increasing your profit margins. Products purchased for resale are typically tax exempt for example.

Tax exemption varies state to state. You must maintain valid and current sales tax certificates so the vendor you are purchasing product from won’t they won’t charge you sales tax. If a particular vendor has locations in several states, you may be able to get a multi-state certificate.

Sit back and relax as we complete the Tax Exemption process on your behalf! We will assist you in obtaining Resale Certificates for Sales Tax for each state in the USA. Upon submitting payment, you will be emailed a checklist of items we need from you before we can get started and obtain the correct permits.

If you are an e-commerce client of ours, our Tax Exemption service may be discounted if you have an Automated store with us. Domestic tax exemption goes hand in hand with our Amazon FBA Automation service.

Our domestic tax exemption packages start at $997.